Who we are

Heritage Baptist Church is a local independent Baptist church comprised of believers whose main goal is to fulfill the Great Commission.  Our church is founded upon the unshakable pillars of the Christian faith; the inerrancy of Scripture, the Virgin Birth, the Substitutionary death of Jesus, the literal bodily Resurrection of Christ, and the Pre-tribulation Rapture of the Church. We seek to shine the light of the glorious gospel at home to our surrounding community through outreach and around the world through an international missions program.  We believe the church is a living entity empowered by the Holy Spirit and whose job description is to exalt Jesus Christ, edify the saints and grow the body of Christ. 

Our Beginning

After being a part of the New Kent and Charles City community for over 8 years, God burdened the heart of Pastor Joe regarding a local, independent, autonomous, Baptist church in the area. There were none in either New Kent or Charles City. The nearest to the Providence Forge area are more than 20 miles away. In December 2019, God directed Pastor Joe and Marty Naylor to visit Heritage Baptist Church in Chesterfield VA and it was there that God made his plan clear. He desired to establish a church in Providence Forge modeled after the ministry of Heritage Baptist Church in Chesterfield. Pastor Dr. Deron Jackson and the Heritage family in Chesterfield warmly welcomed the opportunity and are now seeing this new ministry take shape.